two workers in a deans office meeting room


Whether Principals, design professionals, or support staff, each member of our team works together under a shared philosophy. These ideals guide us in our work, no matter the client type, project size, or delivery method.

To provide high-quality service to our clients we believe in:

  • Professional Accountability
    We act as owners; urgently, thoughtfully, and responsibly.
  • Communicating with candor
    We speak openly and with compassion.
  • Acting with Humility
    We provide vision and lead selflessly.
  • No Ceilings
    We do not put limits on our people or projects.
  • Designing Together
    We value the contributions of everyone in the creative process.
  • Giving
    We share our experiences, talents, and resources with everyone.
  • Greater Good
    We act knowing that our decisions affect people and our environment.

Our mission is to design environments and systems of enduring social, environmental, and economic value that bring joy to owners, operators, and users. We seek to improve the world we all inhabit by:

  • Asking the right questions and with an open mind
  • Adding value by using the right tools
  • Providing single-source solutions through full-service delivery
  • Acting as true team members, invested in our client’s success
  • Challenging ourselves and our partners to think sustainably