Embracing AI as a Creative Ally

Today, we are excited to dive into the fascinating world of AI rendering and its significance as an early design tool. As a professional design firm, we understand the value of leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance your design experience. Let’s explore how AI can elevate your vision while also recognizing the vital role of an architect in the process.

Why AI Rendering?

Imagine having the ability to visualize multiple versions of a new project concept, with less design effort than traditional rendering processes. In more traditional design processes, achieving photorealistic renderings takes significant effort. This involves adding many small details (think road signs, every flower in the landscaping, each outlet inside a building) to a 3D model to achieve a high-quality output. Using new AI rendering technology, such as Veras by EvolveLAB, empowers our design team to bring ideas to life rapidly and with incredible accuracy. This software enables us to explore multiple design options, allowing clients to visualize and fine-tune their preferences. This process starts with our design team creating the spatial layout and form of a building to meet the project’s needs, but from there, projects can be reimagined over and over again to explore new ideas and iterations.

Efficiency and Creativity Unleashed

By harnessing AI rendering, we can iterate through designs more efficiently than ever before. Tools like Veras use intelligent algorithms and a base model created by the design team to create iterations of how a project might look using text prompts provided to it.  This allows us to conceptualize buildings with different styles (think Adirondack style vs craftsman style) with much less effort than traditional means. Other AI tools like Midjourney use similar text prompts to create stunning imagery as well. A key difference with tools like Midjourney is that it does not utilize a model as one of the inputs, meaning that you are turning over the entire building form to AI.  Using these tools, whichever they might be, our design team can collaboratively explore ideas early in the design process to make informed decisions on projects, helping projects align with client visions.

Below are four example concepts created using Veras, and concept model and text prompts to reimagine how a façade on a new project might look:

A composite image of four AI renderings of the same building.

Time and Cost Savings – A Win-Win!

Time is precious and so are client investments. AI rendering expedites the early design process, helping us deliver concept renderings earlier in the design process, and more efficiently. This means clients get to see ideas come to life faster without compromising quality.

The Human Touch

As marvelous as AI rendering is, in its current form, it will not replace the skill of a human architect and design team. Our expertise goes beyond just generating designs; we infuse emotion, personality, and practicality into every project. We understand the unique needs, preferences, and aspirations of our clients, and through the fusion of AI and human insight, we can deliver results that are truly exceptional.

In conclusion, AI rendering can enhance the workflow of the design profession by offering another tool for creativity and improving efficiency. As we embrace this new technology, rest assured that our team will continue to remain at the reigns to help steer your project in the right direction.

This article production was assisted using AI tools such as Veras and Chat GPT, with additions and edits by our team.

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