History Of Beardsley Architects + Engineers

2014 Beardsley Logo

Beardsley unveils new logo and firm branding.

Beardsley Design Associates opens additional offices in Malone and Syracuse, NY and adds a major addition to the Auburn Facility.

100 Years Of Service

The Firm celebrates its 100th anniversary and adopts the new name Beardsley Design Associates Architecture, Engineering & Landscape Architecture, P.C.

James Beardsley

James Beardsley retires from the firm followed in 1989 by his brother Wallace P. Beardsley, Jr.

1980 Logo

James J. Glass joins the firm as Director, expanding the Electrical Department. The Firm name was changed once again to Beardsley, Beardsley, Cowden & Glass, Architects/Engineers, P.C.

1971 Beardsley Beardsley Cowden Reilly

The partnership is enlarged by the addition of Gerald Cowden Sr.P.E. and Jack Reilly forming Beardsley & Beardsley Architects/Engineers, P.C.

W.P. Beardsley

Wallace P. Beardsley, Sr. dies. Beardsley Jr. and his brother James continue operation of the firm.

Office Exterior

Wallace P. Beardsley, Jr. starts working as a draftsman with the firm. The office is moved from the Seward Bank Building to the former residence of James L. Seymour at 64 South St. Auburn, still the current location.

1948 Sign

James P. Beardsley becomes a partner forming Beardsley and Beardsley Architects.

Lt. James P. Beardsley (Wallace's son) returns from the Corps of Engineers to join the office.

Samuel E. Hillger passes away. Wallace P. Beardsley Sr. continues the practice as Wallace P. Beardsley Architects.

1928 Hillger & Beardsley Sign

Hillger and Beardsley form the partnership Hillger and Beardsley Architects.

Wallace P. Beardsley, Sr. Architect and Engineer from Syracuse, NY joins Hillger's Practice.

Samuel E. Hillger

Samuel E. Hillger, Architect opens an office in the Seward Bank Building in Auburn, NY.