Jared R. Heinl, P.E.

Jared R. Heinl, P.E., R.L.A.

Vice-Chairperson of the Board

As Civil Engineer, Landscape Architect, and Project Manager, Jared is actively involved in all aspects of project development. His broad expertise in site planning, environmental approvals, and infrastructure design provides great value for our project partners.

Jared is a strong proponent of the benefits of Beardsley’s full-service approach and is active in promoting cross discipline education. Similarly, Jared believes that a design solution cannot be truly successful without close collaboration between the Owner, end users, and the project design team.

In his role as Secretary of the Corporation, Jared, along with the other members of the Board of Directors, is responsible for governance of the corporation and represents the shareholders of the firm. He coordinates the activities of committees, prepares agendas, and maintains corporate records.

In addition to his role at Beardsley, Jared serves as an Adjunct Instructor at Clarkson University where he teaches coursework in civil engineering, and construction engineering and management. He enjoys having the opportunity to collaborate with future generations of engineers in the classroom. When not working, Jared spends his time with his wife Abbie, chasing after their two small children.

Bachelor of Science (Civil and Environmental Engineering) – Clarkson University