Malone, NY

North Country Savings Bank

An existing financial institution and office building located on Main Street in Malone, NY, was purchased by North Country Savings Bank with the goal of turning the existing facility into a new, modern bank that would better serve the needs of the Malone community. While the existing building was to retain its same function, a complete renovation of both the interior and exterior was needed to create a contemporary banking space.

Over time, the needs of the North Country Savings Bank and their customers have changed, necessitating the need to incorporate a more agile way of conducting business. This meant incorporating Interactive Teller Machines (ITM) inside the bank and at the drive-through, which would allow the bank to provide its typical services to clients in a more streamlined manner, only needing three permanent staff on-site day-to-day. To do so and working within the confines of the existing building footprint, Beardsley reconfigured the interior of the building to create a dedicated vestibule for the ITM, allowing customers to enter the building and conduct business without needed to enter the main area of the building. Should customers need to speak with a teller directly, they can also enter the building to do so. The remainder of the building was largely reconfigured to provide meeting rooms, teller working area, private offices, waiting areas, and copy room, available to additional staff, attorneys, and clients on closing days. The rear of the building, which previously included restrooms and a kitchenette was reconfigured to create a new kitchenette area and provide an additional meeting room used for closings, in addition to renovating the existing restrooms.

Modern glass partitions separate the space and clean, bright finishes, coupled with selective use of wood and carpet accents, create a modern feel while also fitting seamlessly within the bank’s existing branding. The use of gradation on the glass partitions allows light to travel through the entire space while also giving customers and tellers privacy when meeting with one another.

The exterior of the building was completely redesigned to create a more inviting look to the building. The original low roof line and dark brick exterior were replaced with a dormered standing seam metal roof that allows for the bank’s logo to be prominently displayed in the new gable at the front of the building. The brick was replaced with a mix of light-colored siding and shingles. Large storefront windows were installed at the front of the building and are accented by architectural columns with stone bases, flooding the interior spaces with light and inviting customers to enter the bank. The columns carry around the building to the primary entrance and the ITM drive-through.

Now complete, the new North Country Savings Bank branch is able to better serve the community and address their banking needs. Not only has the renovated building provided staff and customers with a better experience, it has also revitalized a previously run-down property and brought a thriving business to the heart of the Malone community.

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