State University of New York at Albany - Albany, NY

Chemistry Laboratory Renovation

This 1,200 sq ft research laboratory renovation was completed for the State University of New York at Albany and will serve as a model for future laboratory renovations for their Chemistry Department. Complete design and construction period services were performed as part of a larger Term Contract with SUNY Albany, resulting in the conversion of an outdated laboratory into this state-of-the-art teaching facility.

Beardsley teamed with the Chemistry Department staff to incorporate features specifically designed to meet their projected needs.  Confronted with a tight budget and project timeline, the design process was completed through close communication and many conceptual design iterations. Extensive analysis of existing conditions and modifications were also conducted to help minimize potential construction delays.

The resulting design includes a new layout for twenty research workstations with finishes and lighting to enhance the indoor environment and minimize maintenance requirements. Electrical and mechanical systems were extensively modified to support the specific needs of each workstation, which includes power, wireless networking, natural gas, hot and cold water, reverse osmosis water, drains, steam, and vacuum.

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