Green Lake State Park - Fayetteville, NY

West Beach Bathhouse

The existing historic restroom at Green Lakes State Park could no longer serve the needs of the Park and its patrons and a new bathhouse was proposed to be constructed directly adjacent to the existing restroom. The existing restroom will remain and will be repurposed in a future project.

Sited to provide direct access to the beach, the new bathhouse is divided into two separate wings, with the men’s and women’s restrooms in separate wings on either side of the building. The restrooms are designed to accommodate five patrons each and include accessible bathroom stalls and changing rooms. Two gender-neutral accessible family restrooms are also provided, with one located in each wing. A covered walkway connects the two wings, allowing for an easy walking path for patrons to access the beach from the parking lot. The open covered walkway also provides views of the beach and Green Lake beyond. Skylights in the central covered walkway allow sunlight into the space, brightening what might otherwise feel dark and cavernous.

In keeping with the architectural style of other buildings throughout the Park, the building’s exterior is finished with board and batten siding and stone accents, which are similar to the adjacent existing restroom, as well as another existing bathhouse located across the beach and a nearby environmental education center. Finishes in the restrooms were selected for ease of maintenance and longevity. The building’s physical footprint and massing were chosen to align with that of a historic bathhouse from the early 20th century, which was constructed in almost the same location.

The bathhouse is designed to be accessible year-round, with in-slab heating provided in the colder months and adequate ventilation provided in the summer months. The building will serve as the only major restroom facility available to the Park that will remain open in the winter. Each wing of the building is fed from central mechanical spaces that run the length of the building, providing easy maintenance access for Park staff. A surveillance system is provided at the building exterior to enhance visitor safety.

Site improvements included new walkways around the building to allow access to the beach, parking areas, and paved walkway around the perimeter of the beach. Native and low-maintenance plantings were also provided.

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