Dannemora Federal Credit Union, New Branch

Dannemora Federal Credit Union - Plattsburgh, NY

The Dannemora Federal Credit Union, designed and constructed in 2008, was inspired by the late 19th Century Greek Revival structures located around the oval of the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base, situated along the shores of Lake Champlain.

The structure incorporates 21st Century sustainable concepts into its historic envelope blending contextual architecture and efficiency to create a building with a 100-year life expectancy. The structure is a blend of wood frame and steel with a precast stone water table and brick façade. All the exterior trim is a blend of composite wood fiber and fiberglass, eliminating the need for continual maintenance. The roofing is a 50-year laminated organic asphalt shingle product designed to withstand the rigors of North Country winters. The mechanical and electrical systems incorporate the latest technology and include T5 ballasted fixtures, sophisticated Digital Data Controls and an ERV (energy recovery ventilators) system designed to control energy consumption and promote favorable air quality.

The Board of Directors was unwavering in its support of a structure that would reflect the region's heritage and depict a period that is important to its members and community residents. What they got was a new building, designed by Beardsley, constructed by Murnane Building Contractors, that pays tribute to the past and advances their vision of the future.

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