IGA Grocery Store

Native Trading Associates - Akwesasne, NY

Beardsley Architects + Engineers worked with the Native Trading Associates group to develop and design a 55,000-sq ft IGA grocery store. Bearsdley provided architectural, mechanical, electrical, and civil design services.

This project included several sustainable design elements. A geothermal system was installed for efficient heating and cooling, and a computerized mechanical system ensures optimum efficiency for the building systems. A white roof for heat island reduction and landscape islands in the parking lot help increase the site's green space.

Being situated on a wetland, site development required an extensive storm water management plan and replacement of wetlands consumed by the store. Site work included design of an 8-inch sanitary sewer main branch extension of 1,200 feet to provide sewer service to the site and to provide future sewer service access for adjoining properties and the south portion of the site. Beardsley designed a turning lane for traffic entering from Route 37. Other challenges included equipment coordination required for a large grocery store.

The building was designed with robust mechanical and electrical systems, and the building and site work were designed to accommodate future expansion along the side walls of the building.

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